Under the above, above the below a light dome glowing from the homes on the coast

Somehow each one makes their way back to it and every year the reservoir fills up with fluid

Pathways, holes, and cords connect everyone to each pair of lungs inflating under the sun

Warm eras shift back into ice ages, I go extinct and retrogress to simpler phases

With south being below us now up are mountains, moons, and clouds

Someday maybe act your age, stand up straight, know where and walk that way

A low tide exposes what hides in a high tide, for every right a wrong is right on the other side

Corn fields turn beige and into mazes, planetary systems go through certain phases

First thing to slither up on land was a fish, walked to the forest to build cities with it

Retire in it's incessant empire, make and fight fires, through trees weave wires

Into your house lies but just your mind mirroring in a lake like high lake pines

Some other day maybe feel your age lay down in a grave know 'where' and step that way, know 'when' and catch that wave, know 'why' so lie awake