Mimicking Birds Bloodlines Video & Lyrics

I will protect your shadow even though when it's dark it slips

I'll clean your window, make you look out and see scenery

I am a stranger, shouldn't talk to myself in times of rearrangement or even in good mental health

And on the other side soon they'll side with their family who hides from all the evil within their own bloodline

But you fly a different kite hovering over their heads so high

I will tie your lasso, can't you make a knot slip?

I'll ask your ghost if he can remember me

Cause I am a creature of mixed up energies in times of restraint living in captivity

And on the other side more mountains slide away from their fault lines and taper into new shorelines

Sliding down the timeline, pulling the nerves up through your spine

Veering off to the side sometimes when you lose sight of that line

Guided by the same light holding all of our heads up so high

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