Out of reach, lying on a beach near a galaxy elsewhere

Combing through sands with two empty hands here

As long as more seeds sprout and then grow, so will all our love

And if the climate changes then we'll also do so

Long lost friends after the road ahead bends again

You're still with me in June and July on warm starlit nights my friends

Skipping stones on the lake of mirrored space and landscapes miles in the distance

And we're all a bit stoned miles away

And as long as both of the poles stay frozen, flow the river of our blood

Cause as the time changes so will the path we've all chosen

And over rippling mountains afternoon thunder storms form

Later all of the sky will clear up, stars will appear and they'll make night light

Don't get sucked into the empty or forever be where you are too far out of reach

I am a working man, I've lived a long day using my hands

My Dad is a working man, he's lived for a long life providing for his family and

My Mom was a working woman, she worked her hands to the bone, to the grave to meet our ends

And as long as more seeds sprout and then grow