Sightless seeking you, some won't follow you nor follow through

And it happened like lightning with me the enemy a tall tree standing way up high in the open

Since then I quit climbing, now I just run down and drip into the center of it

I leave up for you, I'll leave it up, all of it up to you

Cause the buoyancy is descending, and density floats like a helium balloon you let go

I'll go on remembering what a hypocrite I am when I wake up in the tree receiving it down for you

I'll reach up and grab anything for you

Cause the separation is stressful and you're weak in the knees sneezing, immunity is slipping

I'll breathe one whole chestful of blood and into your heart I'll live forever helping the beat

I'll help your blood beat and I'll push and pump more of it to your feet

And we'll make more memorabilia and new souvenirs with old tools from foreign pioneers

Who brought over their diphtheria, and dipped into their heads for theories of god and it's preservation

He will preserve you, formaldehyde, pickle, and can you

Can you not trust your inner compass enough not to press on?

Can you not trust any reassurance, what's left is forgotten