I’m up in the cosmos

With my eyes closed

I’m down in the meantime 

Wondering what time means

I’m out on the icing 

Hovering and buffering

I’m down in the meantime

Living with the machines

In this conscious reality

I’m walking on a sidewalk

Listening to people talk

I’m swimming in some sea waves 

Underneath a freeway

I’m climbing up on a mountain and then

I’m meeting up with the sun again

I’m following my mind home

And counting up my chromosomes

Then drowning in sea foam

Too many trees will make you like a bird just sitting grumbling subsonic words

Itchy feet will make you want to run away from the concrete and its absorbing the sun

Stinky people will make you like to leave and retreat to your own stinky air that you breathe

Geometric shapes will make you have to wait and wait ‘til you’re old enough to finish your plate

And whatever war that you wage