A new army in the yard with all their discarded hearts

You dare to redefine a subtle line to refine a design

Her cauldron of oil boils under the soil a serpent coils

To ensure it’s planning to strike at anything it likes or for that matter dislikes

It displays its level of distaste across its face - you he wants to erase

“And you know he will do so,” ticks the time, until it shows

And I have no idea why they are them

And I have no idea why the, are them

It’s buried in the sands of Egypt the way they killed them that’s the way that they’ll kill us I know

I hear the code so openly spoken like all 206 of my brittle bones are being broken

It’s blatant/obtrusive yeah it’s oh so prolific in the unseen hieroglyphics it’s horrific

Seeps in and out like winter man-made smooth wood will eventually splinter

A new army in the yard and all the barricades they plan to bombard

You dare to redesign a hill’s incline climbing a slippery vine

Her layers of surface shake, wiggling into place, their tension displaced

No pain in scratching an itch, but when the tickle’s gone...

A smoke plume begins to bloom... my eyes are shocked and raising up towards 

the sky, I don’t know why, but we’re all going to die.